Disability Services

Our Commitment

MNTC is committed to the goal of achieving equal educational opportunities, offering full participation for students with disabilities, and providing assistance that will facilitate students’ independence and academic progress. Students who have disabilities, including those with mobility limitations, speech, hearing, or sight impairment, learning or other disabilities covered by the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 or the ADA Amendments Act of 2008, may receive reasonable educational STUDENT INFORMATION 9 accommodations.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

Disability Services provides guidance and referrals during the enrollment process, and assists with
appropriate classroom, lab, and learning support for students with hearing loss that impacts education. A student may have access to an interpreter, trained note-takers, or tutors in lecture and lab settings.


To request accommodations, students with disabilities should go directly to MNTC’s Disability Coordinator or to an MNTC Counselor or Career Advisor. All disabilities must be verified with current supporting documentation from an appropriate professional (licensed physician, licensed psychologist, approved agency, etc.). Records of accommodation activity are kept separate from all admissions activity. 

Student responsibilities may include:

  • Obtain psychological/educational/medical testing.
  • Provide verifying documents. Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to confer with their counselor and teacher/instructors regarding their special educational needs.

To obtain more detailed information or to make an appointment, please contact MNTC’s Disability Coordinator at ext. 8204, your Counselor, or a Career Advisor.